(KTXL) — In a recent video from CAL FIRE a behind-the-scenes look is given at the fire agency’s entire air fleet being serviced in Sacramento.

More than 65 aircraft from CAL FIRE’s statewide air fleet flew into the fire agency’s Aviation Management Unit at McClellan Park.


Currently, CAL FIRE’s aviation fleet consists of the Grumman S-2T airtanker, Bell UH-1H Super Huey Helicopter, Sikorsky S70i Helicopters and North American OV-10A (and one D Model) Bronco Air Tactical Aircraft.

These dozens of fixed-wing and rotary aircraft are positioned statewide at 14 air tanker bases, 10 CAL FIRE helitack bases and one CAL FIRE/San Diego County Sheriff helitack base.

“CAL FIRE’s fleet of more than 60 fixed and rotary wing aircraft make it the largest civil aerial firefighting fleet in the world,” the fire agency notes on its website.


Bases that serve the Greater Sacramento Area include the CAL FIRE Air Attack Bases at McClellan, Chico and Columbia and the Joint Air Attack Base in Grass Valley.

In the near future, CAL FIRE is planning to add seven Lockheed C-130H’s to the fleet from converted United States Coast Guard HC-130H’s. These aircraft will be able to carry 4,000 gallons of long-term fire retardant.

“The C-130H’s will be used for rapid initial attack delivery of fire retardant on wildland fires,” CAL FIRE writes in their aviation guide. “These seven new airtankers will support CAL FIRE’s existing fleet of aircraft from air attack bases strategically located throughout California.”

Many of CAL FIRE’s current and historical aircraft have been acquired from retired United States Military aircraft, with the exclusion of the Sikorsky S70i Firehawk, including a World War II era Boeing B-17.

Since February, local CAL FIRE pilots have been conducting training at the McClellan Airtanker base before the fire season begins.