XFactor is Finally Up to You

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We’re down to the top 12 already! That’s right each judge has 3 acts and tonight you get to vote for your favorites. To kick off the show…there was a cheesy opening number with every act. Apparently, tonight is Motown night. Right out of the gate the judges bring back a wildcard…it’s Josh Levi! He does deserve a second chance. Sadly, he has to go first and that can often be the kiss of death on these shows.

Here’s how I see it:

1. Josh Levi – Wow…he’s a totally different act this week. He can sing and I didn’t even realize that last week. He should survive.

2. Rachel Potter – What a classic country voice…and I liked it.

3. Carlos Guevara – Little boring, but I think he’s a big fan favorite and will be OK.

4. Restless Road – Not sure I get this group, but the everyone seems to love them?

5. Ellona Santiago – She is good, but I don’t know if I see star?

6. Jeff Adam Gutt – Effortless!! Sooooo Good!

7. Alex and Sierra – I love, love, love them!

8. Khaya Cohen – She can sing…no doubt, but not sure if it’s enough?

9. Carlito Olivero – I think he should stay.

10. Lillie McCloud – Simply amazing!

11. Sweet Suspense – I DON’T GET IT…one girl is good the others…not so much. I say they’re the first to go.

12. Rion Paige – She is sooo much better than I imagined.

13. Tim Olstad – Not my cup of tea.

We’ll see who survives tomorrow? Just wanted to mention I love Kelly Rowland as a judge…she is what this show needed!!


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