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YOLO COUNTY — Right now in Yolo County, the pot industry is frozen. No new businesses, by law, can take seed there, so to speak.

Tuesday, Yolo County Supervisors are going to look at changing that.

“Our whole policy is on the table, so a lot of things could change,” County Supervisor Matt Rexroad said.

The county has attracted attention from grow operations in particular — businesses wanting to cultivate pot in the county.

Rexroad says he’s not surprised.

“We grow plants in Yolo County,” he said. “This is a different kind of plant, but we grow plants in Yolo County.”

One different kind of pot grow, Dark Heart Nursery, is making a push to be the next marijuana cultivator in Yolo.

“We’re interested in getting back to that agricultural community,” Dark Heart President Dan Grace said. “I tell people we’re a business of farmers that’s been exiled to the city.”

Dark Heart is a marijuana grow, without much marijuana. They grow young plants, and sell them before the pot buds develop, and that’s the part people smoke.

As Grace pitches it, that cuts down on a lot of the potential problems – like the smell, and crime – that typically come with a pot grow. But at the same time, the baby plants require a lot more employees to tend them.

“And I would say, the stand out element to Yolo County is proximity to the best agricultural minds in the world,” Grace said.

County supervisors FOX40 spoke with say they’re not sure yet how things will go Tuesday, but they are familiar with the Dark Heart business model.

“We do a lot of with tomato plants already in Yolo County,” Rexroad said.

Supervisors right now are studying whether they want to start doing it with pot.