SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — California voters will decide this November who will represent their district in the State Senate.

The races for the California State Senate in the Sacramento area are in Districts 4,6 and 8 for the 2022 General Election. 

The candidates for District 4 and District 8 are both Democrats, while the race for District 6 involves a Democrat and Republic facing each other. 

In a race between eight candidates in the June primary, Democrat Tim Robert garnered most of the votes in District 4, with 22.12% of the votes. He will be facing Democrat Marie Alvarado-Gil after she received the second-highest amount of votes in the race at 18.65%. 

In District 6, Democrat Paula Villescaz received the most votes in the primary race, getting 43.11% of the votes. She’s facing Republican Roger Niello, who received the second-highest amount of votes in the primary, with 42.77%.

As for the District 8 race, Dave Jones is facing Angelique Ashby after the Democrats received the most votes in the primary. Jones received 46.21% of the votes while Ashby had 41.16% of the votes.  

Residents can find out what district they are in using the state’s official “Find Your California Representative” website.