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With postal delays expected this election as California conducts more widespread mail-in voting than ever before, many voters are anxious about their ballots being received on time — and counted.

This year, California rolled out a new tool: It lets voters track their mail ballot from the point it’s sent to them until it’s been accepted and counted by their local elections office.

The site will also let you sign up for email, text or phone call updates on your ballot’s status.

If you haven’t yet mailed your ballot, should you take it directly to a polling location? Not necessarily. This year in California, mail-in ballots postmarked by Election Day will still be counted as long as they are received by Nov. 20 — or 17 days after Election Day, compared to the usual three.

Every county elections office also allows voters to check the status of their mail-in or provisional ballot online or by phone.

Here’s how to contact counties in Northern California:

  • In Sacramento County, you can track mail-in ballots here or call (916) 875-6451.
  • In Butte Butte, you check your voter status by calling (530) 552-3400.
  • In El Dorado County, you can track mail-in ballots here or call (530) 621-7480.
  • In Placer County, you can track mail-in ballots here or call (530) 886-5650.
  • In San Joaquin County, you can track mail-in ballots and check your status by calling (209) 468-2890.
  • In Stanislaus County, you can track main-in ballots here or check provisional voting status here.
  • In Sutter County, you can call (530) 822-7122.
  • In Yolo County, you can call (530) 666-8133.
  • In Yuba County, call (530) 749-7855.

Information for other counties can be found at

Still need to vote? You can visit to make sure you’re registered, and at the correct address. If you cast a mail-in or provisional ballot, the site will also tell you whether your ballot was counted.

If you haven’t registered yet, you still can. While the state deadline for pre-registration and receiving a mail-in ballot has passed, you can still complete same-day registration at any vote center up to or on Election Day.