SACRAMENTO COUNTY, Calif. (KTXL) — Sacramento County may regularly play host to politicians from both sides of the aisle who come to work in the capital, but a large plurality of voters lean decidedly toward one party.

The county has 863,470 registered voters, which accounts for 77.59% of all 1,112,895 people eligible to vote, according to the California Secretary of State.

As of September 9, 45.96% of the registered voters, 396,874 people in total, are registered as Democrats.

Republicans make up 24.84% of registered voters in the county with 214,515 affiliated voters.

185,494 people who did not declare a party preference account for another 21.48% of registered voters within the county.

The party with the largest number of affiliated registered voters after the two major parties is the American Independent Party, which has 35,374 registered voters, 4.1% of all registered voters.

However, a 2016 investigation by the Los Angeles Times found that many Californians register with the party thinking they are registering as an independent voter, as in someone not associated with any party.

The Libertarian Party has 11,398 registered voters in Sacramento County, accounting for 1.32% of the total.

The Peace and Freedom Party had 5,269 registered voters.

The Green Party had 3,927 voters registered to the party.

Voters who registered with other parties or whose party affiliations were unknown parties in the county account for 1.23% of registered voters.

When California began tracking voter affiliation in 1922, Republicans led Democrats statewide in terms of registered voters 968,429 to 319,107. However, by 1934, the Democratic Party surpassed the Republican Party.

After 1934, both parties generally increased their voter registration as time went on until republican registration numbers began to idle in the 1990s and began to shrink in the 2000s.

The Democratic Party now has 10,261,998 registered voters, 46.89% of all registered voters statewide. 5,225,578 voters statewide are registered with the Republican party, about 23.88%.

The last time a republican presidential candidate won Sacramento County was 1988 when George H. W. Bush beat Michael Dukakis 51.01% to 47.65%.

The next time a republican would come close to winning the county would be in 2004, when the elder Bush’s son, George W. Bush, finished 1,118 votes shy of tying his opponent John Kerry, a difference of less than 0.3%.

In all presidential elections since, however, the democratic candidate has won Sacramento County by close to or more than 20 percentage points.