(KTXL) — Sacramento County has a 20% voter turnout for the California primary election as of Tuesday afternoon, according to the county. 

County officials said a total of 178,158 residents have voted at this point in the primary. About 5,884 voted in person, 115,389 ballots were received by mail and 51,885 voters dropped off their ballots. Officials said these numbers were pulled from their mail sorter and in-person voting.

There are 864,181 registered voters in Sacramento County, according to officials. 

According to the county, 91,548 voters were registered Democrats and 48,226 were registered Republicans while 7,152 were other. There were voters who are non-partisan, as 26,232 voters didn’t have a party preference.

Polls closed statewide at 8 p.m., however, anyone who is in line at that time will still be allowed to vote. This also applies to dropping off their mail-in ballot.

Those still needing to mail their vote in must have their envelopes postmarked for June 7. County elections offices can not receive mail-in ballots later than June 14.