(KTXL) — California State Legislators joined together today to take a firm stand against hate.

“Hate is not welcome here,” Senator and State Senate President Pro Tempore Toni Atkins (D-San Diego) said.

“We really do not have room for hate,” Senator Rosilicie Ochoa Bogb said.

The representatives and members of the Act Against Hate Alliance called for more awareness and tolerance.

It comes just about two months after Attorney General Rob Bonta released a report showing hate crimes in California went way up between 2020 and 2021. The state experienced 1,763 reported hate crimes— the highest since 2001.

According to the report, anti-Black incidents increased by 12.5%, anti-Latino incidents increased by about 30%, anti-jewish incidents increased by more than 32%, anti-LGBTQ incidents increased by 47.5%, and the Asian-American and pacific islander communities saw a 177.5% increase in incidents.

For State Treasurer Fiona Ma, it’s personal. She knows people who are victims of hate crimes, and now she worries about her own loved ones day in and day out.

“That has really hit home for many of us,” Ma said. “It is happening all throughout the state to different ages at different locations, and it has to stop. “

She called on elected leaders to speak out as those here say preaching tolerance is just the start.

More than 60 years after C. C. Yin with the Asian Pacific Islander American Public Affairs Association immigrated to America from Taiwan, he says there’s more work to do.

“Respect and love. Also give back and help others. Help America. It’s our responsibility,” said Yin.

Attorney General Bonta stressed he and his office are actively working to combat hate crimes, and added that the number of hate crime cases prosecuted by local DAs and city attorneys have increased by 30%.