SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Four seats for the Sacramento City Council were up for grabs in the June 7 primary election. 

District 1 had four candidates, followed by three candidates in District 3, four in District 5 and one in District 7. 

The seat for District 1 became available after Councilmember Angelique Ashby announced a campaign for the state senate in California’s District 8. Councilmembers Jeff Harris (District 3) and Jay Schenirer (District 5) did not run because they no longer live in their districts due to redistricting. 

Here are the candidates for the city council seats. 

District 1 — Part of North Natomas, part of North Sacramento

  • Lisa Kaplan — Natomas Unified School Member and an attorney
  • Alyssa Lozano — President of Natomas Chamber of Commerce and a realtor
  • Nate Pelczar — Board member for the Stonewall Foundation of Greater Sacramento

District 3 — South Natomas, part of North Natomas

  • Karina Talamantes — Ashby’s chief of staff and President of the Sacramento County Board of Education
  • Michael Lynch — Founder of nonprofit Improve Your Tomorrow
  • Adrianne Gonzales 

District 5 — Oak Parts, parts of South Sacramento

  • Caity Maple — homeless activist and business owner 
  • Tamiko Heim — Infrastructure planning manager
  • Chris Baker — South Sacramento resident
  • Kimberley Sow — Administrative assistant 

District 7 — Land Park, Pocket area

  • Rick Jennings II — Incumbent