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Thursday, an areal flood watch in Yuba County turned into an areal flood warning; and residents are keeping an eye on the water levels.

Tiny droplets can pool into very big problems very quickly.

“It gets pretty inundated with water. It floods the backyards and sometimes it goes up to your doors you know,” said Andre LaCorbiere.

That was the down and damp side of living just south of Marysville for LaCorbiere

At times more suited for frogs than families, a drainage canal ran along the back of his property and eventually ran him out of  the Skycrest neighborhood he loved.

“It was uneasy. we didn’t know what to expect you know.  I could barely drive out of the driveway. It would kill my motor to drive out of the driveway,” said LaCorbiere.

Fast forward from that flooding 15 years ago.

“They’re saying there’s flood warnings and I’m like oh my God there’s a levee right behind me. It scared me,” said Reina Gomez.

Now the Aspen street home Gomez shares with her three little kids  is up against the same canal and a storm winding up to do its worst.

Her grandma’s been calling.

“Saying get bags and put them by the doors saying make sure get water put up and she’s just worried about me,” said Gomez.

During FOX 40’s visit the nervous mom hadn’t heeded Grandma’s warnings just yet, but…

“Now that you guys are at my door, maybe I should start packing a bag,” said Gomez.