FOX40 presents Pandemic: Behind the Headlines, an inside look at how we are keeping you informed on COVID-19 with interviews from journalists, experts and those affected by the virus with the mission of keeping hope on the front lines.

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Live Music On Pause: Part 2

In this episode of Pandemic: Behind the Headlines, we speak with FOX40’s Dennis Shanahan about how COVID-19 has changed our plans of attending concerts, music festivals and venues in 2020.  We also speak to Sacramento event producer Mary Daffin about the impact the virus has had employees who depend on the entertainment industry to survive and how to do event planning during these times. 

Live Music On Pause

In this episode of Pandemic: Behind The Headlines, we speak with Tower of Power keyboardist Roger Smith about how COVID-19 has affected live music and entertainment.  The crisis has led to massive job and revenue losses. The industry is now trying to navigate the consequences by finding innovative ways to engage with fans and support artists. 

I Survived COVID-19

Jim Kassis spent nearly a month in the hospital fighting for his life.  The battle against COVID-19 was so challenging, he thought he wouldn’t make it.

But he did.

Now, Kassis is sharing his journey hoping it can help others.

Policing in a Pandemic

COVID-19 has affected law enforcement agencies across the country. Some departments are dealing with confirmed cases and even death within their ranks.

Agencies are taking extra precautions, but the concerns and challenges are many.  So how has policing changed?

Sacramento Police Chief Daniel Hahn and Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones shared what their agencies are doing to keep both employees and communities safe during this health crisis.  

The Fight Against COVID-19

From the beginning, UC Davis Health has been involved in the fight against COVID-19.

Researchers, doctors and scientists are playing a major role, trying to learn everything they can about the virus. From drug clinical trials to testing, the goal is to help develop treatments and work that can lead to a vaccine.

In this episode of Pandemic: Behind the Headlines, hear from UC Davis School of Medicine Dean Allison Brashear on the work being done to save lives.

Restaurants: For the Love of Food

COVID-19 completely changed the landscape of the restaurant industry. Instead of inviting the public in to enjoy a full dining and food experience, many restaurants are forced to adapt their business model. 

In this episode of Pandemic: Behind the Headlines, Sacramento Chef Patrick Mulvaney breaks down what restaurants are doing to make ends meet during the pandemic, and how they can still have a positive impact on the community. He also discusses passion for food, the changes to the food delivery model and how employees, both documented and undocumented, are impacted during these trying times.

School is Canceled. Now What?

The COVID-19 pandemic forced the closure of schools in California, bringing to a halt a routine families have been living with for years.

For some students, the shutdown has left them in mourning.  Those milestones they were looking forward to — prom, signing day, graduation — are gone.  On the other side, parents are juggling school assignments and work schedules. 

But what lessons can we take from all of this?  In this episode of Pandemic: Behind the Headlines, we hear from students and parents taking it day by day. 

Sports: We Miss You!

The fight against COVID-19 halted the world of sports and fans are grieving. Sports brings us together and when times are bad, it can be sort of a cure. It can help us heal and escape what ails us. 

So what does a fan do now?

In this episode of “Pandemic: Behind The Headlines” FOX40 Sports Director Jim Crandell, Studio40 host Scott Moak and Sacramento Republic FC player Andrew Wheeler-Omiunu share how they are coping without sports and their hopes for a comeback.

Close to Home

A nurse and her newborn, both infected with COVID-19.  The news hit close to home for one of our FOX40 employees.  Chief Photographer Grant Hansen shares his concerns and hopes for his family after finding out his sister-in-law and nephew in Hawaii were diagnosed with the novel coronavirus.