Which disposable cat litter box is best?

Disposable cat litter boxes can be a real game-changer for pet parents who are tired of scrubbing away at stuck-on messes or travel with their felines often. While they certainly can be used alone, they also make for ultra-sturdy litter box liners. When it’s time for a complete clean, simply remove the soiled disposable litter box, throw it away and replace it with a new one. 

Disposable litter boxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including covered models. While plastic varieties are available as well, most are made of biodegradable cardboard. The PetSafe Disposable Cat Litter Box boasts a covered design with an elevated entrance to keep litter contained. It also comes with several disposal scoops and a bag of crystal cat litter, delivering fantastic value for money. 

What to know before you buy a disposable cat litter box 

Types of disposable cat litter boxes 

Disposable cat litter boxes are available in both covered and uncovered models. Because they’re enclosed, covered models naturally do a better job of preventing litter from being kicked out of the box and can help minimize odors somewhat as well. Open-sided disposable cat litter boxes can be used on their own, but are often put to work as litter box liners. Placing a  disposable litter box inside your cat’s regular litter box makes clean-ups a breeze and helps prevent lingering odors. 


Just like any other litter box, disposable litter boxes need to be large enough to accommodate your cat, preferably with a bit of room to spare. Purchasing a disposable cat litter box that’s too small drastically increases the chances of your cat creating a mess while they’re using it. Cats can also be extremely finicky when it comes to their litter boxes and some may even outright refuse to use a pan that’s too small. To avoid disappointment, always check the measurements before you buy. 


When it comes to avoiding unnecessary mess, depth is another extremely important consideration. Litter is easily kicked out of shallow litter boxes, so don’t forget to check the depth of your chosen model as well. 

What to look for in a quality disposable cat litter box 


Disposable litter boxes are usually made of cardboard or recycled plastic. While cardboard models are eco-friendly and biodegradable, plastic disposable litter boxes tend to last longer. Sturdy plastic litter boxes can even be rinsed and reused if you’d like to extend their life further. 

Included cat litter

Some disposable litter boxes come with a bag of cat litter, while others are conveniently pre-filled with litter for hassle-free use. Complimentary cat litter most often comes in the form of scented crystals for extra odor control. 

Moisture-resistant coatings

Many premium cardboard litter boxes have moisture-resistant coatings to help increase longevity and prevent leaks. If you have more than one cat, moisture-resistant coatings are worth keeping an eye out for. 

Sifting design

Although not particularly common, it’s possible to find sifting disposable litter boxes. These are usually meant to be stacked, with all the boxes nesting inside one another. Instead of scooping solid waste, simply lift the uppermost litter box and allow dry litter to sift through into the box beneath it. 

How much you can expect to spend on a disposable cat litter box

Basic open cardboard litter boxes are usually the most affordable, with prices ranging between $12-$16 for a pack of three. Plastic disposable litter boxes, covered litter boxes and sifting cardboard models tend to cost a bit more and are generally priced at around $20 for a single covered model or $30 and over for multipacks of sifting or plastic varieties. Multipacks of covered disposable litter boxes, those that come with crystal cat litter and bulk packs are the priciest and typically cost $45-$70, depending on the quantity and features. 

Disposable cat litter box FAQ

How long do disposable cat litter boxes last? 

A. This depends on several factors, including the construction materials, whether or not it has a moisture-resistant coating and the number of cats using it. If you have a single cat, you can expect a cardboard model to last anywhere between one to four weeks. As mentioned previously, plastics generally last a bit longer and require less frequent replacements. To extend the life of your disposable litter box, consider using a high-quality clumping cat litter that will help keep moisture away from the base. 

Won’t disposable cardboard cat litter boxes break down if exposed to moisture? 

A. Generally speaking, no. Most cardboard litter boxes are either thick and sturdy or come with a moisture-resistant coating to prevent the box from simply disintegrating. 

What’s the best disposable cat litter box to buy?

Top disposable litter box 

PetSafe Disposable Cat Litter Box

PetSafe Disposable Cat Litter Box

What you need to know: A premium covered disposable litter box that comes complete with scoops and crystal cat litter. 

What you’ll love: It features a wax-coated tray to prevent leaks and extend longevity and a covered design that helps keep mess to a minimum. The entrance is elevated to keep cat litter from being kicked out. It’s collapsible for improved portability and comes with a bag of odor-controlling crystal litter as well as several disposable scoops. 

What you should consider: Some users complained that the top comes off a bit too easily, but this can be remedied by securing it with tape. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 

Top disposable cat litter box for the money

Kitty's Wonderbox Disposable Cat Litter Boxes

Kitty’s Wonderbox Disposable Cat Litter Boxes 

What you need to know: These affordable cardboard cat litter boxes are strong, sturdy and last longer than many similar models. 

What you’ll love: They are made with recycled paper. They boast a thick, sturdy construction that’s capable of lasting up to four weeks and can be used as either a standalone litter box or a sturdy litter box liner. 

What you should consider: Longstanding users feel that the newer litter boxes are smaller and less effective at controlling odors than the original models. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Chewy

Worth checking out

AGREE Kitty Lounge Disposable Litter Trays

AGREE Kitty Lounge Disposable Litter Trays

What you need to know: This bulk pack of plastic disposable litter boxes is an excellent choice for pet parents with multiple cats. 

What you’ll love: These are constructed of eco-friendly recycled plastic. They are easy to use, with a stackable design that allows you to simply remove and toss the used tray before refilling the next one. They are odor-resistant to minimize nasty smells.

What you should consider: They are thin and shallow, which gives them a tendency to bend and wobble when you lift the filled tray.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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