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Is the Eureka FloorRover Dash Pet Vacuum Cleaner worth it?

A pet can enrich your life. They can comfort you, provide companionship and reduce stress and anxiety. A pet can even help you live longer. In return, all you have to do is love them back and vacuum up a little fur now and then.

Eureka understands this commitment. To make your life easier, they created the FloorRover Dash, an upright pet vacuum cleaner that employs “innovative Big Wheel technology to ensure smooth movement in every push and pull.” The company also promises to make whole-home cleaning a breeze with an “automatic nozzle height adjustment that allows you to move seamlessly between flooring types” and a quick-release handle that lets you reach tight spaces and deep corners.

This sounded like it would be the perfect vacuum cleaner for a pet owner, so we tested the Eureka FloorRover Dash Pet Vacuum Cleaner, and here’s what we found.


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Testing the Eureka FloorRover Dash Pet Vacuum Cleaner 

Our tester has two cats. To keep the house fur-free, they typically use a stick vacuum every other day and an upright vacuum roughly twice a month for a deeper clean. When they tested the Eureka FloorRover Dash, they took extensive notes on vital aspects, such as setup, overall quality, performance, noise level, cord length and more.

What is the Eureka FloorRover Dash Pet Vacuum Cleaner?

The Eureka FloorRover Dash Pet Vacuum is a multi-surface cleaner with a modern design and an ergonomic handle. It has large wheels and a narrow body with multiple swivel points that give the unit a smooth, highly maneuverable roll. The HEPA filtration system can trap up to 99.97% of dust and allergens to make the environment more suitable for sensitive individuals.

Eureka FloorRover Dash Pet Vacuum Cleaner price and where to buy

The Eureka FloorRover Dash Pet Vacuum Cleaner is available for ​​$164.99 at Amazon.

How to use the Eureka FloorRover Dash Pet Vacuum Cleaner


Unlike many other vacuums that arrive almost ready to go, there was some setup and assembly required for the FloorRover Dash. It wasn’t hard, and the directions walked you through in clear, easy-to-follow steps. However, the process of connecting all the parts was a little tedious. You’ll need to connect the hose to the canister and head, then attach the handle and put all the parts where they belong. You’ll also need to put the long cord into the area around the hose, which was a bit cramped.


Like many modern vacuums, this one is plastic. While that doesn’t give you as much confidence in its durability, it’s lighter and maneuvers reasonably well. The hose and attachment design were adequate, but the vacuum had a tendency to fall over if you pulled on the hose to reach an area that was a little further away.

As far as suction, the Eureka pulled up everything very well, including pet hair. If you need a deeper clean, the brushroll was able to lift up some deep-seated dirt in our rugs.


In its upright configuration, this pet vacuum is a powerful tool. It has more suction than the average stick vacuum. And because it’s a corded upright model, you can perform deep-cleaning tasks without worrying about running out of battery power. 

Noise level

For its power, this vacuum was quieter than expected. If needed, you could hold a loud conversation while you’re using it.

Cord length

This model has a 35-foot power cord and the hose adds an extra 12 feet of reach. It was long enough to get to every room on each floor of our test home. However, for safety reasons, we unplugged and moved the cord when we progressed into a room that was further from the previous outlet.

Emptying the dirt

One of our favorite aspects of this vacuum was the ease of cleaning. When you’re done, you can just remove the detachable container and empty it into a trash bin. It was very efficient and convenient.

Eureka FloorRover Dash Pet Vacuum Cleaner benefits

This pet vacuum from Eureka is quieter than other uprights we owned over the years. It’s highly maneuverable, lightweight and has a long power cord, which is great for people who don’t want to bend down to plug and unplug the vacuum in each room. The FloorRover Dash has strong suction, is easy to clean and features many useful tools, such as the multi-angle adapter.

Eureka FloorRover Dash Pet Vacuum Cleaner drawbacks

This pet vacuum only has a few drawbacks, which are nuisance issues, not performance shortcomings. The vacuum has a tendency to fall over if you pull on the hose attachment, and although it provides a deep clean, the roller brush tends to catch with hair. Also, the extra-long cord can be a little challenging to coil when you’re finished vacuuming. 

Should you get the Eureka FloorRover Dash Pet Vacuum?

Eureka FloorRover Dash Pet Vacuum Cleaner

The Eureka FloorRover Dash Pet Vacuum Cleaner is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a quality upright vacuum for occasional deep cleaning. If you don’t favor the convenience of a stick model, this could be the only tool you need for vacuuming your whole home. The quick-release handle and 12-foot hose make it suitable for above-floor cleaning (ceilings, curtains) as well. The reasonable price makes this model a solid value.

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