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(KTXL) – Celebrities are back in South Lake Tahoe this weekend for the annual American Century Championship. 

Fans are also back in limited numbers, which is a welcome sight. 

From Steph Curry to Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers, many were in attendance. Rodgers did wave at FOX40’s Mark Demsky but did not say anything about his current holdout with the Packers. 

“I think just the fans, the hospitality and you know, you get a chance to compete,” said Jerry Rice. “You’ve got some great athletes, you’ve got actors, you’ve got actresses and we’re going to go out Friday, we’re going to compete.”

It’s no surprise that hall-of-famer Jerry Rice likes the competition. Meanwhile, his former teammate’s wife is hoping Steve Young can finally do better this year. 

“You know, I’m a lefty, but I play righty. She said if you don’t get better I’m going to make you play lefty,” Young said. “So, I spent the last year trying to at least understand the game. So, I’m at a place where I know what’s wrong and what’s right. So, I should be a good bet this week to at least be better.”

And from someone who was at the top of the golf game for a long time, Annika Sorenstam is impressed with how good most player’s games are. 

“They are so into the game, which I love. They’re serious golfers and they really care about it. And they’re good at it too, so it’s just really fun,” said Sorenstam, a retired golfer. 

“I always watched it on TV when I was active playing in my 24 years in the Majors but coming out here has been a blast man,” said Roger Clemens. “The ball carries a little bit. I had to get a couple of years in just to get used to the flight of the golf ball out here, but it’s beautiful.”