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(KTXL) – Amid a successful season so far for Elk Grove’s Kyle Larson, he says he’s excited to be heading home in a few weeks and FOX40 had a chance to chat with him earlier this week.

FOX40’s Mark Demsky asked the driver of the No.5 Chevrolet what he needs to get better at.

“Just closing the races a little bit better,” Larson responded. “I’ve led a lot of laps, but I’ve only got one win to show for it so, just get a little bit better with my communication and things I’m doing on the racetrack to be better in that last 10-15% of the race.”

Larson is doing about as well as most racing fans anticipated he would while driving now for Hendrick Motorsports.

“It’s been fun to consistently be running up front each week and I got that win early in the year, and I could have had a few more wins. It’s just been a great time working with everybody at Hendrick Motorsports and on our No.5 car. I’m just very thankful to be in some fast race cars,” Larson said.

In three weeks, the No.5 Chevrolet team will head to Larson’s home track in Sonoma, a place NASCAR hasn’t raced for two years because of the pandemic.

There will be no practice or qualifying as NASCAR is still using its modified schedule.

“I’m excited to get home and race. I guess that’s one weekend I wish we did qualify because I’ve qualified well there. I think I’ve gotten the pole there three years in a row,” Larson said. “Just ready to get there and glad that we’re having the race. I think we’ve all been nervous about California and not being allowed to race. But glad it’s all coming together, and we get to go to Sonoma and put on a great event for the fans.”

The road course is allowing NASCAR fans, up to 33% capacity, to attend the June 6 race.

Larson says he hopes he’ll make his first trip to victory lane at the Sonoma Raceway.

“I’ve struggled there in the past of just being able to maintain grip throughout a run, so I think a lot of that is me as well as the setup of the race cars. I hope that’s different now in a Hendrick car,” Larson said.