Baseball fan who started tour to visit MLB stadiums stops by Field of Dreams


FOX40’s Mark Demsky caught up with a big baseball fan that started a tour to visit 10 stadiums in 10 days in 2018. 

“I don’t know where the line is between fan and fanatic, but I am a super-fan for sure,” said Brian Wilson. 

Wilson’s eventual goal was to see a ballgame in all 30 big league parks. 

“Ten different stadiums. You can’t skip any days. I love, sort of, the scheduling aspect of it,” Wilson said. 

Wilson is a two-time cancer survivor who is currently in remission. He teaches journalism at Palo Alto High School in the Bay Area, and he chronicled both his 2018 and 2019 tours online. 

“When I do some of my stadium tours, I try to raise money for Stand Up To Cancer and some of the other organizations, but just kind of happy to be a survivor,” Wilson said. 

He skipped last year because of the pandemic, and this summer, he opted to hit the road with his family, touring the Midwest. 

“This was more a family vacation because we haven’t really gone anywhere in like 18 months or something, and the Field of Dreams in Iowa was not planned,” Wilson said. 

But on their drive home they found themselves only a couple of hours away. And like any baseball fan, Wilson felt compelled to take the detour. 

What they found was a pure baseball paradise. 

“For me, Field of Dreams is like the pinnacle of baseball movies. It’s got so many deep-level connections for me. I was kind of emotional. I think a lot of people are emotional when they go to it. It’s hard not to be emotional when you watch the movie,” Wilson said. “Yes, you should go into the corn and walk out of the corn and pretend you’re Joe Jackson.”

Dyersville, Iowa is home to the Field of Dreams. Wilson says he is not sure when he will continue his tour, but he does hope to finish it at some point. 

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