Baseball returns, Oakland A’s open their season against Houston Astros


OAKLAND, Calif. (KTXL) – In many ways, it felt like any other opening night, with fans excited to file in and cheer on the green and gold.

“It feels amazing to be back. I’m so happy to be back and enjoying the Coliseum once again. Go A’s,” one fan told FOX40.

The old Oakland Coliseum is looking a little different.

After a year with no fans in the stands, you may have to literally dust the cobwebs from your seat and not far from The Treehouse bar, an actual tree is sprouting from the stands.

Then there are the COVID-19 safety protocols.

They begin outside the Coliseum where lots A and D are reserved for vaccinations. 

“I got my COVID shot in the parking lot this morning,” Janine Thalblum said. “I think they’re doing everything right. I spent some time at spring training and A’s were really good about sectioning off the seats like this. So I knew it was gonna be mission continued when I got here.”

Tickets are sold in groups of two and four, and unavailable seats are ziptied in the up position.

There are some beer vendors roaming around, but if you want to order a meal you scan a QR code to bring up a menu on your phone then you go pick up your food when it’s ready.

Some fans found it user-friendly.

“Select what you want. You got to register a credit card. You select what you want. Then when you go pick it up, they call your number. And then you get your food. And they give it to you in this handy little bag,” Sylvia Buendia said.

Others complained of opening night glitches.

“We can’t get no food. We can’t get no drinks, no nothing,” another fan told FOX40.

But above all, fans were appreciative and happy to have the chance to boo the Houston Astros and thrilled to be once again experiencing Oakland A’s baseball in the home of the green and gold.

“Oh my gosh, we’re so excited. I’m so excited. I have so missed this. And we can watch it on TV but it’s just not the same and it’s so cool to be here,” Robin Neumeier said.

The vaccination site in the coliseum North Lot is run by FEMA and is by appointment only.

It’s scheduled to close April 11.

As for the outcome of Thursday’s home opener, the A’s lost to the Astro’s, 8-1.

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