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(KTXL) — FOX40 sat down with San Francisco Giants Hall of Fame player Orlando Cepeda ahead of the team’s NL West Playoff game against the Dodgers

“That guy, he can hit,” Cepeda noted, while watching Sunday’s game

FOX40’s Rowena Shaddox also got to watch last weekend’s game with Cepeda — the winning game that clinched their division. 

For their first time in nine years, the Giants are the Western Division champs. 

“I’m so happy for the team. They’re doing well because they picked the Giants to finish last,” Cepeda said. 

And he knows what he is talking about. During his 17-year Major League career, he was a seven-time National League All-Star. 

Cepeda was a 20-year-old newcomer with the Giants in 1958 when he hit 312 with 25 home runs. It earned him unanimous Rookie of the Year honors and the nickname “Baby Bull.” 

Nine years later he would lead the league with 111 RBIs and become the first unanimous MVP in the National League since 1936. 

FOX40 last spoke with Cepeda in 2014 when the Giants were in the World Series. We asked him the same question: What is your hope for the team? 

“Go all the way. That’s the only way you play the game. Play to win every game and go all the way. If you don’t feel that way, don’t play,” Cepeda said. “They’re playing great ball. They are winning games, playing ball.”

“They have some nobody players. Nobody know them. But they’re coming through. And that’s the key,” Cepeda added. 

Now age 84, Cepeda looks back on a successful career. It’s a career that enabled him to live a prosperous life and even buy a home for his mother. 

“That’s why I call myself very lucky. I have a great wife — great wife. I was born with skill to play ball. I got it from my dad and my mother supports me,” Cepeda said. 

He wishes that same kind of success for the Giants. 

“The manager, he’s doing … He should be the manager of the year,” Cepeda said. “And Crawford. He should be the MVP.”

As for his favorite player? 

“Everyone. Everyone,” Cepeda answered. 

It’s hard to pick a favorite when rooting for the whole team.