SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Following Tuesday’s practice, Sacramento Kings Head Coach Mike Brown was taking questions from reporters and took the opportunity to grab a FOX40 microphone and ask some of his own questions, just like a reporter.

Brown called over Assistant Head Coach Jay Triano and asked him several questions about his career, eventually asking FOX40’s Sean Cunningham if he could grab the FOX40 microphone and continue with his interview of Triano.

He then playfully introduced himself as part of the FOX40 News team and asked Triano about a bell that was installed inside the team’s training facility. The bell typically rings during practice to mark special occasions.

As he ‘became a FOX40 reporter for the day,’ Brown asked Traino, “Can you tell us what’s behind the gold bell?”

The two coaches then continued their imitation of a television news interview, with Triano responding to Brown’s question.

“Multiple things, we want to reward players and bring recognition to guys that do good things for the team,” Triano told Brown. “A guy takes a charge at practice or does vertically at the rim, we’ll ring the bell.”

“I know there’s a history with Sacramento and bells so we’re trying to bring the bell back to Sacramento,” Triano continued, as Brown held the microphone in front of him, all while other microphones from other news outlets were recording the interview.

As the interview with the news outlets ended, Brown took the opportunity to sign off from his brief ‘reporter stint.’ He faced FOX40’s camera and signed off from a fictional anchor in standard television news fashion.

“You heard it live from the Sacramento Kings practice facility…Mike Brown…FOX40 News. Back to you, Julie,” Brown said.