Kings fans react to Luke Walton’s firing


SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — From big fans to small, the Sacramento Kings are a core part of the Greater Sacramento community.

Several people at the Golden 1 Center Sunday told FOX40 that they are happy to hear about the firing of the team’s latest head coach, Luke Walton.

“It should have happened almost a year and a half ago,” said Kings fan Derek DeLodder.

Under Walton’s coaching, the team’s defensive statistics ranked among last in the league. 

Kings fan Taylor Marr said the decline in number is disheartening. 

“You could hear during the broadcast, we can hear the fans chant ‘Fire Luke,’” Marr recalled. 

Those chants of frustration come as the Kings are starting off the season with six wins and 11 losses, the last three happening consecutively.  

“He might have a good theory, but his style of playing never worked for this core of a team,” DeLodder said.

Marr agreed. 

“Even though he had a 19-win streak with the Warriors, but okay, how hard is it to coach Stephen Curry? Is that really your coaching? And you couldn’t get LeBron to the playoffs. So, there wasn’t a whole lot of evidence that he could be a successful coach,” Marr explained. 

Even though the team is 17 games in, Kings fan Ruben Luna said it’s already looking to be a better season. 

“There’s still time to put it together, but it is going to be hard in the western conference as far as I know, but I do feel that we have a good team,” Luna said. 

Luna said he hopes Alvin Gentry has good chemistry with the team hopefully leading them to a successful season. 

FOX40 tried to find anyone who was upset with the decision, but everyone who spoke was happy to see Walton replaced. 

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