(FOX40.COM) — The 2023-24 season is the Sacramento Kings’ 100th year in franchise history and the 38th calling California’s capital city home. 

During its 100-year history, the team played in different cities under a variety of names before relocating to Sacramento in 1985.

Prior to the century season, the Kings unveiled four new uniforms that they’ll wear during the 2023-24 campaign. 

The Kings have worn a variety of uniforms throughout its long history including having royal blue as their primary color for seven decades. 

Here’s a look at some of the jerseys in the Kings’ history:


George Mikan (99), star Minneapolis Lakers center, breaks up a shot by Bob Davies, Rochester Royals guard (11) in the decisive game of the National Basketball Association’s Western Division playoffs last night, April 4, 1951 in Rochester, N.Y. Rochester, won, 80-75. (AP Photo)

During the early days of the NBA, the team was known as the Rochester Royals with their uniforms having a simplistic design. 

Their uniforms had white as the primary color and the word “Royals” across the chest. The team name and numbers were blue with a red outline. 

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(Original Caption) Oscar Robertson, of the Cincinnati Royals, is shown handling the ball against a member of the opposing team, the Baltimore Colts.

When the franchise played as the Cincinnati Royals for 10 years, one of their jerseys had white as the primary color, but the team nickname was placed to the right. 

The letters and numbers were in blue with the Royals nickname between two red lines. 

Another jersey they wore during this time had royal blue as the primary color with the letters and numbers being white. 


Detroit Pistons’ Bob Lanier, left, goes after Kansas City Kings’ Otis Birdsong, right, after Birdsong stole the ball away from Lanier during Friday’s NBA game at Kemper Arena, Feb. 2, 1979. Lanier was charged with a foul on the play. In the background is Kings? Bill Robinzine. (AP Photo/)

The team officially became the Kings in 1972 when it moved to play in Kansas City and Omaha, Nebraska. Later, the team only played in Kansas City. 

The jerseys during this time included a Kings lettering script across the chest with a crown representing the dot on top of a lowercase ‘I.’ The team had a jersey with either white or royal blue as the primary color. The numbers would be in red with the Kings lettering in either white or blue depending on the jersey’s primary color. 

1985 to 1990

The Sacramento era began with the team switching to baby blue as one of its primary colors for one of their jerseys. 

When the team didn’t wear the baby blue jerseys, they wore a jersey with white as the primary color, but royal blue was used for the letters and numbers. 

The design for both jerseys included the same Kings lettering across the chest.

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1990 to 1994

The Kings switched back to royal blue at the beginning of the 1990s with the same design for the lettering and numbers. 

The team wore the royal blue jerseys on the road and the white uniforms at home.

1994 to 2002

The Kings officially rebranded in the mid-1990s with purple and black as their primary colors. 

The design for the jerseys included a change in the front for the team’s nickname placed across the chest. The K and S in “Kings” were bigger than the other letters with the number placed directly underrated the lettering. 

The team wore jerseys with either white or black as the primary color. From 1994 to 1996, an alternate was worn during this time that was black on one side and purple on the other. 

The black-to-purple jersey was replaced with a primary purple jersey that served as the team’s alternate uniform from 1998 to 2002.

2002 to 2008 

As the team was in the midst of its most successful run, the Kings replaced a black road uniform with purple. 

The road uniform said “Sacramento” across the chest with the number placed slightly to the left. The home jersey remained the same but added multiple alternates throughout this time. 

One alternate was a throwback jersey from the team’s days in Cincinnati, which was worn during the 2002-23 season. A gold alternate jersey was introduced in 2005, which became infamous among Kings and NBA fans.

2008 to 2014 

The team remained in purple during this time, but the design changed with the return of “Kings” across the chest in a new font and a crown placed as the dot of a lowercase ‘I.’  

The purple jersey had printed black lettering instead of the previous white. 

For home games, the Kings wore a white jersey with “Sacramento” across the chest in white lettering with a purple outline. 

During this time, the Kings wore a black alternate jersey again with a lettering for “Kings” with numbers printed in gray. 

2014 to 2016 

The Kings remained with white and purple jerseys, but the front for the team name and numbers was changed back to the all-capital font used in the early 2000s. 

The letters and numbers were printed in purple for the home jerseys and were in white for the away uniforms. 

The Kings also wore royal blues throwbacks dedicated to the team’s days in the late 1980s and in Rochester. 

2017 to 2023

  • De'Aaron Fox
  • Sacramento Kings guard Kevin Huerter, left, protects the ball as Denver Nuggets forward Bruce Brown defends in the second half of an NBA basketball game, Sunday, April 9, 2023, in Denver. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)
  • Nuggets Kings Basketball

The design of the jersey changed again when Nike took over as the jersey and apparel supplier for the NBA in 2017. 

The Kings wore a white and purple jersey again, along with a black alternate uniform. The jerseys included a change in font again. For the white and black uniforms, “Kings” and numbers were in bold font. 

The white jersey had purple lettering and numbers with a grey vertical stripe down the side. The black alternate had white lettering and numbers with a purple outline. 

The purple jersey also had a vertical stripe down the side and had “SAC” in bold font in grey lettering.

During this time, the team had a variety of Nike City Edition uniforms with different primary colors. Four of them said “Sac Town” across the chest in different fonts with one each being baby blue and red, two of them being black and the other using grey as the primary color.

2023 to present

  • Sacramento Kings reveal "statement" jerseys for 2023-24 season.
  • Two Sacramento Kings players wearing their new NBA City Edition jersey.

During the Kings’ 100th season, the team is paying homage to their past with their threads. 

Before hosting the Summer League California Classic, the Kings unveiled their “association”  and “icon” uniforms, which featured a change in the team’s hierarchy of colors. 

The two uniforms also featured a return to the Kings’ wordscript lettering. 

For the “icon” uniforms, black is the primary color with the lettering and numbers in white with a purple outline. These jerseys have a purple vertical stripe down the side. 

The “association” uniform has white as the primary color with the Kings lettering and numbers in black with a purple outline. These jerseys also have a purple vertical stripe on the side. 

The third uniform the Kings reveal are the “statement” jersey, which features a purple-to-black transition with a checkered pattern on the side.

The lettering of the team’s name is also different from the other two jerseys with “Sacramento Kings” written in a different font and “Kings” in a block font with “Sacramento” in a smaller font above the team name. 

The Kings’ City Edition uniforms for the 2023-24 season go back to the team’s roots in Cincinnati, reimaging the 1968 jersey with royal blue as the primary color.