(KTXL) — Dunking is not just for basketball.

Oreo is selling NBA-themed custom cookies for the league’s teams including the Sacramento Kings. The cookies are part of a collection called OREOidD x NBA, a partnership between the cookie company and the league.

The collection was unveiled ahead of the NBA All-Star Game, which takes place on Feb. 19 in Salt Lake City. 

Each team’s cookie has its logo, colors, and celebratory sprinkles. For the Kings cookie, the team’s logo is in the middle with purple sprinkles in a circle on the edges of the cookie. 

The cookies are being sold online on Oreo’s website and come in a pack of 12. All of the team edition cookies cost $39.95 on the Oreo’s NBA store. 

Oreo is also selling an All-Star Game edition cookie, featuring the NBA’s all-star game logo with yellow sprinkles. Those cookies are also going for $39.95.