Cubs Fans Show Game 7 on Big Screen at Auburn Plaza

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AUBURN — Game 7s don’t come around too often. For Chicago Cubs fans, they don’t even come around once every century.

“I’m afraid I’d have a heart attack, but it would be worth it,” said 83-year-old Cubs fan Ron Herr.

So, for Chicago transplants Gary and Drew Moffat, they had to put something together fast, ahead of Wednesday night’s Game 7 of the World Series.

“It started last night after the big win,” explained Drew Moffat.

Drew called a friend who owns a company with access to a 15-foot, high-definition video monitor.

Their thought was to close down the Auburn Plaza and create a ballpark-type atmosphere.

“Drew just wanted to put it out there, and I said ‘no we’ve got to get permission to do this,'” said Gary.

The father and son duo, who own Carpe Vino in downtown Auburn, went all out for the Game 7 extravaganza. They got the permit and the insurance to turn the plaza into a street theater. They brought in authentic Vienna Beef sausage, straight from Chicago, to serve to the guests.

The only thing missing at that point was a Cubs win.

“So far we’ve got the screen, we’ve got the permit, we’ve got the dogs..we’ve got everything going for us tonight,” said Drew.

And in extra innings, the Cubs pulled out the victory.

“We’re going to party like it’s 1908,” exclaimed one excited Cubs fan.

“Every bit of my fiber and soul wanted them to win,” said Gary. “And they did it.”

Yes they did.

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