DA: Ray McDonald Will Not Face Domestic Violence Charges

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Ray McDonald of the San Francisco 49ers will not face domestic charges in connection with an incident that took place at his home in May.

Deputy District Attorney Lindsay Walsh was assigned to the case, and after thorough investigation said it appears that no crime occurred.

“Both parties agree that Jane Doe struck Ray McDonald first,” Walsh said. “Her minor injuries are consistent with restraint rather than an attack.”

Walsh also said the victim – named Jane Doe to protect her identity – had stopped cooperating with investigators within 48 hours of the incident.

“Because of conflicting accounts, the lack of verifiable eyewitnesses and lack of cooperation by Jane Doe – We cannot prove a crime was committed,” Walsh told reporters Monday morning.

According to prosecutors, Jane Doe also refused to allow pictures to be taken of her injuries within the first 48 hours and that she had refused treatment.

Ray McDonald released a statement saying he was relieved and he thanked those who supported him during the investigation.

“I appreciate the seriousness of the situation and I understand and respect that law enforcement had a job to do, which is why I cooperated fully with their investigation from beginning to end,” he said. “I am relieved that the DA’s office has rightfully decided not to file charges. I want to thank everyone who was supportive during this difficult time.”

The 49ers also released a prepared statement. They considered the matter closed and said McDonald would face no disciplinary action from the team.

“The issue of domestic violence is important to us, as it is throughout society,” the team statement said. “We have taken this allegation seriously, just as we have taken the principles of due process seriously. We have said from the beginning that we will consider the information available, allow the facts to lead to our decisions and respect the judicial process. Based on the information available to us and the District Attorney’s decision not to file charges, there will be no change in Ray’s status with the team.”

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