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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — The high school football season is only three weeks away and this time around the Grant Pacers have a new head coach in Carl Reed.

That’s a big deal since Mike Alberghini has run the program since 1993.

“It’s adding to what he did, it’s moving it forward, carrying those traditions and also, I’ve got to put my own touch to it,” Reed said.

Reed, who played for Alberghini and has been a part of Grant football since 1997, says he’s the right guy to take on this challenge.

“You know, the start of it was pretty difficult, with just the various opinions but they’re everywhere, but I’ve kind of moved on,” he explained. “So now, it’s kind of like I’m in the flow of things and going with it but the worst place to be is obviously after the greatest coach there was. I mean, we’re going to be playing in the stadium still named after him, so that tells you a lot about him.”

Adding to Reed’s problems: construction has forced everyone off campus until the middle of August, meaning the Pacers are holding their workouts at a nearby junior high school.

“It’s a difficult year-one experience,” Reed told FOX40.

However, this team is determined to bring back Pacer pride and the swagger that came with it.

“There was a time where it was fearful to come to Grant. It’s getting back to that, but in the way of we’re going to be, obviously, more disciplined with things we sometimes didn’t see,” Reed said. “It’s those little things we’ve got to hit, and I think that swagger will work its way back.”

“It’s the new generation of Grant. It’s the build, it’s where we start over with coaching, players, the discipline. A lot of things, it’s supposed to be much better,” said running back Kyrell Gross-Pruitt.

“Players study their playbooks, on time to practice every time, committed to football, Grant football,” said offensive lineman Isoa Takeifanga.

And as far as that first game for Reed as he leads the Pacers into a new era is concerned, Reed said, “It’s something that I’ll probably go through a little bit of different things. Complete nervousness, fear, it’s excitement.”

“It’s going to be it all, but you know, the one thing I know we’ll do is, we’ll be prepared,” he continued.