SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — The holiday season may be over, but the football season is definitely not for 49ers fans.

A mock 49ers football field, a miniature version of downtown San Francisco and a replica of the Golden Gate Bridge are all part of a spectacular display of lights on the front lawn of Bruce Ellsworth’s Sacramento home.

“Definitely go Niners,” Ellsworth told FOX40 with joy.

Ellsworth has been putting on his 49ers-themed dazzler since the 1990s, keeping the tradition alive even after moving between homes along the way.

Ellsworth usually has the display up by Thanksgiving time and said it takes weeks and weeks to plan for and build.

The Golden Gate Bridge portion of the display is strong enough to hold an adult man.

Ellsworth hopes the display, with all its lights, will give the 49ers good luck in this weekend’s match-up against the Los Angeles Rams.

“These are going to be up until the 49ers make it to the Super Bowl this year. I did it in 2019, I did the same thing, and we made it to the Super Bowl. We didn’t win, but at least we got there,” Ellsworth explained.

On the inside of his home, Ellsworth has what he calls a 49ers man cave, featuring team memorabilia from over the years. 

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He said his display of 49ers fandom is about more than just a football team, it’s about bringing joy to the community.

“I like people to enjoy it and I feel like I’m helping lighting up the attitude for how they feel right now,” Ellsworth said with laughter. “It is pretty dark times right now. Hopefully, this will light them up. Plus, we’re supporting the 49ers, don’t forget that.”

Ellsworth said people of all ages are welcome to stop by, even Los Angeles Rams fans.