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LOS ANGLES, Calif. (KTXL) — There are a lot of San Francisco 49ers fans in Los Angeles Rams territory this weekend.

A passionate member of the 40 Niners L.A. Chapter told FOX40 he’ll spend the weekend in his favorite red and gold luchador costume.

“From the Bay to LA, it doesn’t matter, as long as you represent the red and gold, 49ers all day baby,” said the 40 Niners L.A. Chapter mascot, El 49ers Luchador.

Other members of the loyal 49ers fan club will sport their favorite football jersey at their official hangout spot with a beer in hand and in front of the TV at EOLA Bar and Restaurant in Los Angeles.

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“The fan base has grown, is growing, and we can feel it and we see it, not only us, but the outside world can see it, especially the Rams,“ explained Jose Diaz, president of the 40 Niners L.A. Chapter.

Diaz said being a die-hard 49er fan is a way of life, as it is for his more than 50 members, some coming all the way from Tampa, Mexico, and Germany just to hopefully watch their boys take home the big victory Sunday. 

EOLA’s owner couldn’t help but turn his bar into a 49ers haven.

“I’m a Rams fan, however, being in the business world, you have to be flexible,” explained EOLA owner Eugene Arreola. “If I ever made a choice, the Niners is the team to go with right now.”

From the bar in Lincoln Heights to the sandy pier of Venice Beach, 49ers fandom is making a showing in Los Angeles.

“I think San Francisco is going to win because the defense, they have physical on both sides of the ball, offensive line and defensive line,” explained 49ers fan Derrick McBride.

An excellent crowd is expected at SoFi Stadium during a Northern California versus Southern California rivalry game that will be one to remember. 

The 40 Niners L.A. Chapter also plans on hosting a large tailgating party right outside SoFi Stadium Sunday for everyone to enjoy.