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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — The 49ers are the betting underdogs against the Rams in Los Angeles, but they are expected to have many fans in the stands.

One of them will be Christa Armstead, mom of Niners star defensive lineman and Sacramento area native Arik Armstead.

“I’ve actually been really nervous, just nail-biting. I can’t watch!” Christa Armstead said. “But something was different going into the Green Bay game. We’ve made it this far, and it’s going to be what it’s going to be.”

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Before heading to LA for Sunday’s NCF championship game, Christa Armstead allowed FOX40 inside her Sacramento home.

In one of the rooms of the house, the theme is pretty clear.

“David Garibaldi, he’s a famous local artist here in Sacramento and he did this shoe for Arik at his fundraising event a few years ago,” Christa Armstead pointed out.

As a proud mom, Christa Armstead isn’t going to miss her son’s games, even last week’s divisional round playoff game in freezing Green Bay, Wisconsin.

“So I’m watching going, ‘Do they have a warm-up tent?’” she recalled. “They would bring out these big red coats and then I never saw Arik put the coat on. ‘Put the coat on, son! Wear the coats!’”

These days, Arik Armstead isn’t just one of the biggest stars on the Niners. The Pleasant Grove High School graduate is also one of the tallest players in the NFL. 

But his path to professional football began when he was smaller. 

“Oh my gosh, I just think there’s our — well I won’t say it because it might make him like soft for this weekend — but just think about how much he’s grown up in stature,” his mother said, showing a photo from when the NFL player was just a junior in high school.

After the team started the season 3-5, Arik Armstead has received massive credit for the turnaround.

His mom said compared to the team’s Super Bowl run a couple of years ago, when the Niners had one of the best records all season, this campaign’s grind and the satisfaction of overcoming adversity has been clear. 

“I seen a difference, like, when we are talking to Arik,” she said. “We FaceTime him right after the game just because we can’t really go in the back because of COVID restrictions and he’s got this big giant smile on his face, and you can just tell. He’s like, ‘Mom, let’s go.’ Like, ‘Everyone counted us out.’”

This mom said she’s excited to join all the other San Francisco fans inside SoFi Stadium.

Of course, before she hit the road, FOX40 needed some inside information on the outcome of Sunday’s game.

“Well, we got to go Niners, and maybe by 3,” she said.

Christa Armstead said one of her first stops when she gets to LA will be a visit to the team’s hotel to see her son and wish him luck.