SACRAMENTO, Calif (KTXL) — A new professional football team in Sacramento that was supposed to play this fall will have to wait at least another year to kick off. 

Sacramento is one of 18 cities across the country slated to have a team in a new league called Major League Football. The league was supposed to start in October, but its launch is now postponed to fall 2023. 

“It was very frustrating to me to have to push it back,” Adam Mclean, the MLF commissioner, told FOX40 News on Thursday. “It is what it is and now we’re moving forward and everything works out for a reason.” 

According to Mclean, multiple factors came into play for the league’s postponement, including where the Sacramento team will play. 

The main issue for the league’s postponement was communication issues between the league and the venues after the schedule was finalized, Mclean said. All games were supposed to be played on Sundays, the same day as the NFL. 

The Sacramento team was supposed to play at Heart Health Park, home of the Sacramento Republic FC, but those plans are nixed and the team is now planning to play at Hughes Stadium at Sacramento City College. 

“We had issues with three other stadiums out of the 18,” Mclean said. “One went under new management and basically there were issues with communications and the other two just did not get back with us to approve the schedule after numerous efforts of trying to reach them.” 

“I reached out personally to all of them and said ‘This could not happen again. That we have to have better communication because we cannot delay another season,’” Mclean continued. 

The league secured stadiums in 2019 before the COVID-19 pandemic, Mclean said.

According to the league’s website, the 18 teams are split into two conferences and three divisions with three teams each. 

Other markets where the league plans to play include Oakland and San Diego, both of which used to have NFL teams. North Carolina, West Virginia, Kentucky, Alabama, Arkansas, Utah, Iowa, the Dakotas, Oklahoma, Rochester, and Connecticut are other non-NFL markets where MLF plans to have teams, according to its website.  

“Does Sacramento want a professional football team there? You’re damn right they do,” Mclean said. “Does Arkansas? Does West Virginia? Does Alabama? These are markets that the NFL will most likely not go to. They’re great markets.”