OAKLAND, Calif. (KTXL) — Opening night excitement and camaraderie in the coliseum, fans were ready to root and celebrate Oakland A’s baseball despite the cloudy skies over the stadium.

Those clouds were metaphorical as much as literal as being an A’s fan means falling in love with players only to see them get traded away instead of receiving a pay raise.

Matt Olson, Matt Chapman, Chris Bassitt, Sean Manea: They were four fan favorites dealt away for younger, cheaper talent before the season began.

But that’s how fans get exciting young players like Cristian Pache, who is already making a big impact in his short time with the A’s.

The youngsters will be helped along by seasoned veterans like Stephen Vogt and new manager Mark Kotsay.

The A’s are already exceeding expectations, coming home from a 10-game road trip with a record of five and five against three very tough teams.

“So we got to see it all come into fruition throughout the season. That’s what I’m excited about seeing,” an A’s fan said.

“Hey, it’s a lot like life, bro. We all got to change. We all got to evolve,” another said.

Fans just hope the team doesn’t evolve all the way to Las Vegas.

That could happen if the Oakland City Council doesn’t approve plans for a new waterfront Oakland ballpark soon. FOX40 spoke with A’s President Dave Kaval about that before the game.

“We have a parallel path both in Oakland and in southern Nevada. Making progress in both locations and hopefully this summer we will know one way or the other where we’re going to be,” Kaval said. “We are hoping to have a vote from the city council of Oakland by their summer recess, which is the end of July.”

In the meantime, it’s a safe bet the 17,500 people at this game will keep coming to the coliseum.

“Support this team. We’re going to be a great time out here. Please be here. This team is going to be exceptional all season. Let’s go,” said Will MacNeil, an A’s fan.

The team’s overachieving start to the season might have surprised many sports pundits. But not these fans.

“This team is scrappy man. They’re going to battle like heck. It’s going to be a good time watching this team. They’re going to surprise everybody. This team has playoff potential. They really do,” MacNeil said.