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We went to Bonney Field to see how fans felt about about all of the delays for the Monday night USL PRO soccer match, and truth be told, fans told us they completely understood.

The first delay was due to a fire that blazed through Cal Expo on the 4th of July, and the second delay was due to the evening heat on Monday. The heat being pushed back caused problems for some, but many others loved the cooler temperatures.

“We were expecting a fireworks display, and the fire just threw a wrench in everything,” said Scott Brewer, a Republic FC fan who was in attendance for Monday night’s game. For some Republic FC fans, Friday’s fire left them with extra tickets. “I have 2 extra tickets for my wife and my autistic son tonight, so I wasn’t able to use those two,” said Brewer.

Others, however, say compared to the busy 4th of July Holiday, they had little trouble finding people to take the tickets off of their hands for the Monday night match.

“I had four tickets [for Friday] and I had trouble finding people who were able to come,” said another Republic fan Andy Anderson, “Today I had all kind of takers. First people I called said ‘let’s go.'”

Another fan, Culien Ortiz was gone for the 4th of July, so she was actually excited that the game was rescheduled.

Most fans agree that playing in the smoke on Friday would have been tough for players. “I couldn’t imagine that would be healthy for them, running around the field,” said Donnie Nielsen, “The smoke was just billowing across the field.”

“Maybe the air could have cleared it, I don’t know. I mean it probably wouldn’t have. And it would have been bad for the players, and that’s what’s important, is making sure they’re taken care of,” said Brewer.

The second delay, when the match’s start was pushed from 7:30 to 8 p.m. due to the heat, it messed with some younger soccer fan’s bedtimes.

“The only thing is, it’s kind of a late start, and we’ve got kids. But otherwise it feels more comfortable,” said Jennifer Carnine

Scott Brewer also had positive things to say about the delay adding “I wish they would do it more often. We can stay out a little bit later and have a cooler temperature during the summer.”

Even though there were no fireworks after the game, as they were planned for Independence Day, people just seemed happy there is a soccer game to go to. “It’s the world’s sport. There’s no other sport,” added Andy Anderson.

The next Sacramento Republic FC home game is scheduled for Thursday, July 17th.