Sacramento Kings play pickup game hosted by Hoopmaps


SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Sacramento Kings’ forward Anthony Tolliver paid a visit to a downtown park to cheer on a local youth group playing in a pickup basketball game — and it was no ordinary game either.

Pickup games have been around almost as long as the game of basketball itself, but the group of players didn’t just show up by chance. They heard about the game through an app called Hoopmaps.

“You know, you can get on your phone, you can find food. Get on your phone, get a ride,” co-founder of Hoopmaps Donte Morris told FOX40. “Why not get on your phone and find a pickup basketball game?”

That’s what Hoopmaps does. The app connects thousands of users to the best and most current games around the region. And it was created by two brothers from Oakland who graduated from Sacramento State.

“Here in this area we have over 20,000 users and we have 6,000 daily users that use it every day,” said Morris. “It’s really a community of basketball players that really meets your needs.”

Tolliver and others from the team were out celebrating Black History Month by highlighting black-owned businesses like Hoopmaps.

“I think it can increase the amount of activity on the court, which I think is a great thing,” said Tolliver. “Not only, like I said earlier, I think that the biggest thing is being able to find games that we don’t know about currently, right.”

Tolliver grew up several states away in the town of Springfield, Missouri, and played a lot of pickup games. He said the app is the perfect blend of his past and the future.

“I’m a black entrepreneur myself, so it’s definitely full circle for me to be a part of something like this and to support local black businesses and, you know, just be a supporter to any business really but especially during Black History Month,” he said.


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