SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — As the Philadelphia Phillies battle it out with the Houston Astros for a World Series title, one player on the diamond is representing Northern California.

Rhys Hoskins, on the Phillies roster, grew up in the Sacramento area and played sports at the local level before playing on baseball’s biggest stage.

Hoskins’ goal of playing in the big leagues has come to fruition and his former teammates from Jesuit High School are more than stoked to see a hometown kid make it to the top.

“It’s partly surreal because as young kids growing up, you’re like, ‘I wish I was a professional baseball player playing in the World Series,’ and then seeing a good friend play in the big leagues is pretty amazing,” Cameron Law, a former teammate of Hoskins, said to FOX40 News.

Law played football and baseball with Hoskins at Jesuit High School until they graduated in 2011.

Law says Hoskins’ efforts on the field and off the field are next to none.

“I actually texted him before the first World Series game and I told him how much I respected the ballplayer he was, but one of my fondest memories was when we did an MBA camp together through Jesuit and his commitment to really support that community is, for me, I just really respect the way that he shows up on the field, but also for community,” Law said. “I couldn’t speak more highly of the man that he is and the way that he shows up for people.”

Hoskins continued playing baseball at Sacramento State, where the Phillies eventually drafted him.

The life of a baseball player has its ups and downs, and you can see through his time in the big leagues of battling injuries and all those types of things, but one of the things that I always think of Rhys is as a ballplayer that is calm, cool and collected,” Law said.

Those traits are now serving as inspiration for Sacramento State baseball players going through the program today, as Jeffrey Heard, a current Hornet, said to FOX40 News.

“Everyone has dreams and aspirations and here we go into the next level,” said Heard. “Having a guy who we look up to and who is a big influence on our program is really big for us.”

No matter the outcome of the World Series, both former and current baseball players for both Jesuit High School and Sacramento State are grateful to see someone they know find success in the majors and have the opportunity to play for a World Series ring.

“Go get them Rhys!” says Law. “Really proud of you man! I respect you and I’m so excited for what this holds for you in the Phillies and the Sacramento region.”