1. The long-running feud between the NFL and Barstool Sports seems to still be going strong.

Former NFL linebacker Will Compton, who hosts the very popular Bussin’ With the Boys podcast with current Titans offensive lineman Taylor Lewan, claims the league is keeping his show off of Radio Row at the Super Bowl because it’s a Barstool show.

If that text is accurate, and there’s no reason to believe it’s not, this move by the NFL is ridiculous for a couple of reasons.

One, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell once testified under oath that he wasn’t aware that Barstool founder Dave Portnoy was banned from NFL games. Clearly, the league and Goodell have major issues with Portnoy, and vice versa, so to deny there is a ban surrounding anything affiliated with Barstool while doing things like keeping a Barstool podcast off Radio Row makes no sense.

Two, Compton played in the NFL nine seasons, and Lewan is currently in the league. And they are not allowed on Radio Row to do a podcast that current NFL players from Aaron Rodgers to George Kittle to Josh Allen have appeared on?

If the league would’ve just allowed Bussin’ with the Boys on Radio Row, nobody would say a thing. But now, it appears the NFL is actually keeping one of its own active players off of Radio Row, and it becomes a story.

It seems shortsighted for the NFL to punish their own guys in Compton and Lewan because Goodell and the league have issues with Portnoy. 

2. I don’t pay attention to UFC or MMA in any way, shape or form. I also try to avoid any and all Dana White news. But when this tweet came across my feed last night, I couldn’t believe my eyes. It’s completely disgraceful that TBS would air this garbage.

For a more eloquent and thoughtful summary of this crap, read my outstanding colleague, Jon Wertheim.

3. Earlier this week, the NFL announced that the Chiefs would play a game in Germany next season. Coach Andy Reid has only one thought about the international game.

4. The good news: There is probably no one better suited to host an alternate telecast than Bill Walton. The bad news: Walton will host his alternate telecasts for NBA games exclusively on a streaming app.

5. The old-school Mike and the Mad Dog fans out there will want to set their DVRs on Feb. 1. I just have one request if anyone from First Take is reading this: Please get permission from WFAN to use the old Mike and the Mad Dog show jingle and let Dog open the show the way he did for 19 years.

6. A brand-new SI Media Podcast dropped on Thursday, and during the “Traina Thoughts” segment, Sal Licata and I both discussed how we prefer Rihanna’s music to Beyoncé’s music, so hopefully the Beyhive doesn’t come after us. I also discussed the NFL broadcasting from wild-card weekend in the “Traina Thoughts” segment.

The podcast opens with an interview with Green Light Podcast host and Super Bowl champion Chris Long. The conversation features NFL playoff talk, excellent trash-talking insight from Chris, the Mike McDaniel vaping “scandal” and my most embarrassing opening ever.

You can listen to the podcast below or download it on AppleSpotify and Google.

You can also watch the SI Media Podcast on YouTube.

7. RANDOM VIDEO OF THE DAY: In honor of this weekend’s Cowboys-Niners game, here’s a vintage opening from 1992 featuring John Madden and Pat Summerall.

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