The San Francisco 49ers are all the way back.

Their three game losing streak that they went on already feels so long ago and a blip in the schedule. It was business as usual for the 49ers today as they continued their electric run on offense in their 27-14 win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Against the Jacksonville Jaguars, it was the defense that was the story, but today it is all the offense.

This team is back to its ways by looking so smooth on offense and it starts with quarterback Brock Purdy who completed 21-of-25 for 333 yards and three touchdowns. He was sensational against the Buccaneers by throwing so many dimes. Everything from him in that game was excellent decision making, evading the pass rush well, and finishing the play by executing high level throws. Best part of all is the 49ers were able to utilize every one of their star players on offense.

Brandon Aiyuk, George Kittle, Deebo Samuel, and Christian McCaffrey each had a significant impact on the game today with their production. Much of that is thanks to Purdy who continues to prove that he is an optimizing player for the 49ers offense. His predecessors were never able to do that. The 49ers would have to settle for only one or two of their star players being playmakers for a game, but with Purdy everyone gets to eat. Everyone gets a chance to ball out instead of being limited.

It is still unclear whether or not Purdy is elite or will be, but one thing that is for sure is that he is absolutely a sweet player right now with his arrow pointing up. Even during the three game losing streak where he factored into those losses, he still was playing fine. It was mostly the turnovers that did him in. Now that he is cutting those back, he is looking like the adequate player that he has typically shown to be. What's even more impressive is that Purdy has been throwing so brilliantly down the field, which has always been a question mark with him.

Purdy is not physically gifted with a massive arm, yet he has overcome that in the last two games. He's on fire throwing deep right now and looks like he has an elite arm. Just look at his phenomenal 76 yard touchdown pass to Aiyuk in the third quarter. It was an absolute dime just like the one he threw to Kittle last week against the Jaguars. Purdy is clearly at a Pro Bowl level right now and should end up being named as one as well along with Aiyuk. He and Purdy are connecting so great this season, which is part of why Purdy is looking sweet this year. Aiyuk finished the game with five catches for 156 yards and one touchdown.

The 49ers defense had themselves a solid game too. They got pushed more than you would've liked against an average Buccaneers offense. Overall they were sturdy throughout the game. I think the 49ers defense is a unit that will be strong for the majority of a game, but will have a series or two where they completely get rolled. That was the case even during their opening five game winning streak. Regardless, the strength of the 49ers resides with their offense. It isn't their defense as it has been since 2019.

What changed was simply the quarterback who is optimizing the offense. The 49ers will look to continue their electric run on offense when they face the Seattle Seahawks on Thanksgiving.