Atrium 916, One Of The Most Unique And Eco-Friendly Stores In California, Serves Art Not Food At Your Table. Inside the Atrium 916 gallery called Sacramento.Shop you will find upcycled, eco-friendly unique art and innovative products with a zero-waste twist.

A magical place nestled in Old Sacramento, where kindness, sustainability and creativity is the currency. On Saturdays they have a little eco art market, where a select number of local Sacramento makers popup in front of the art café and gallery shop. They offer games for kids to play like a large connect 4 and chess with Bonita their Skeleton. A baby grand piano for anyone to play and a very large chalk board for kids to get creative and this is all free. A welcoming place that supports eco-friendly and Sacramento made products like Wall art, fashion, kitchenware, toys, and innovative inventions.

Sit at their art café garden tables and paint a canvas, or sculpt a clay magnet while sipping on locally brewed KC Kombucha or a pot of tea. Creativity is for everyone here. A family friendly place that also makes a unique date spot.

Atrium 916 in will begin to roll out their Halloween art and crafts that go alongside the ‘Track or Treat’ train rides with the California Railroad Museum ( Atrium is located at the embarking station for the train ride in Old Sacramento) Ride the  spooky train ride and then head over to Atrium 916 to chill with some creative art making.