On a special episode of Studio 40 Live, Gary and Scott head out to Shasta Lake to take in the sights, of the massive lake, and of course, visit the local establishments.

Shasta Marina
We have been in the marina business for 25 years and have come to be a premier houseboat rental company. We started on the O’Brien Inlet as Shasta Marina Resort in 1996. Then in 2015 we purchased Packers Bay Marina and have combined the two businesses. We moved everything from O’Brien Inlet to Packers Bay and are now known as Shasta Marina at Packers Bay. We’ve been lucky enough to build a crew that love their jobs and take pride in our marina and in our beautiful lake and forest.

Lake Shasta Caverns

Lake Shasta Caverns provides cavern tours and dinner cruises in Lakehead, CA.