Kitten Season – this year has been an unprecedented year for the numbers of kittens. There are several reasons for this including consequences of COVID. This is a nationwide issue so we do need the support of our communities to help the kittens. We will be bringing several neonate kittens (aka bottle babies).

FIP Stars – Until about 2 years ago, FIP or Feline Infectious Peritonitis was a 100% fatal disease that usually strikes kittens and young adult cats. We now a have cure for the disease that is essentially Remdesivir, the much touted COVID drug. Unfortunately, it is not approved for use in cats thus making if very, very difficult to obtain the medication. FieldHaven has a program to help pet owners navigate treatment and the cure. We will be bringing Gridley an FIP Star who is cured.

The Fire Cats movie. FieldHaven played an integral role in the recovery of hundreds of cats after the Camp Fire in Paradise in 2018. We were onsite in Paradise until June 2019, reuniting, rescuing and rehoming nearly 700 cats. A documentary was filmed and produced by Canadian Film maker, Katharine Parsons. The Fire Cats has won numerous awards internationally, including Most Inspirational Film at the Cannes World Film Festival. The first California screening of the film will be on August 14th at Rialto Cinemas in Sebastopol.

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