When you enter Happy Niyama Emporium and Eats, you will first notice the 2-D artwork throughout the store. They are a marketplace highlighting local artisan small business. From handmade crafts, unique fashion pieces, and innovated gadgets to artisanal food products, organic beauty items, and one-of-a-kind artwork, the emporium truly has something for everyone.
What sets Happy Niyama apart is its commitment to empower small businesses. The marketplace actively seeks out and supports local entrepreneurs, providing them with an accessible platform to showcase their products and connect with a wider audience. Whether it’s a passionate baker, a skilled jeweler, or a budding fashion designer, each vendor has a dedicated space to showcase their craft and share their stories with customers.
Beyond the retail and food offering, they also provide a dedicated space for special interest groups. This community area serves as a gathering place for like-minded individuals, providing with a comfortable and inclusive environment to connect, learn, and engage in activities. Whether it’s a knitting club, a book discussion group, or car enthusiast, they have welcome all and foster a sense of community.

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Happy Niyama
11015 Olson Dr Suite 9
rancho cordova