In 1993, Melanie diLuck wrote a magazine article about abandoned animals. Inspired by that
experience, she and a small group of volunteers founded the area’s first shelter with a no-kill
philosophy for abandoned, abused and homeless cats and dogs. No-kill means they do not euthanize an animal if it has a manageable health condition, or simply to make space for animals deemed easily adoptable. Happy Tails rescues, nurtures and provides shelter along with medical care before adopting an animal into a safe, loving home. Through their extensive feral cat program, Happy Tails maintains several colonies of healthy altered cats. This is one more step in helping solve the Sacramento area’s serious pet overpopulation problem.
They also foster dogs they get from other shelters that need a little extra loving care to make them adoptable. They are run by three paid staff and some 200 volunteers. Funding comes from monetary donations, grants, bequests, fundraising events and adoption fees.

Happy Tails Pet Sanctuary
6001 Folsom Blvd. Sacramento 95819