A brand new thematic production presented in a fluid yet structured south Asian art form,
Bharatanatyam. A vibrant perspective of mystic female wanderers who were mythological
characters and mortals over the centuries in different parts of India and their absolute love for the
divine. As we delve deeper into these female characters, you come to realize how far beyond their
times they were in their thoughts and actions – proven by their prowess in poetry which is still
relevant today. From calm, meditative, devoted to introspective, mad and sensual – you will witness
the undying pure love by these women poets and princesses.
Kaladhaara, is a nonprofit registered dance Academy in Sacramento that primarily focuses on a South
Indian dance form called Bharatanatyam. With a vision to enlighten the students and the community
with quality performing arts, Kaladhaara provides a wholesome experience that includes learning form
and technique, foundational theory of dance, understanding the cultural significance, fostering
creativity, all the while making it an enjoyable experience for the students. The students grow into
becoming performing artists for Kaladhaara’s Dance Company participating in numerous performing
opportunities across the globe

Group discount will be provided for a group of 10 or more – $9. Please call 405-334-6861