Libier Reynolds is here to share tips on staying consistent with your skin-care routine! Now that we’re moving closer to the Holiday Season, self-care can fall through the cracks! Here are 4 tips to help you be consistent and stick to your skincare! Libier’s hope is that you would choose yourself every single day (even if it’s for a little while) for the sake of perhaps taking back some of your personal power this Holiday Season. We must make margin for rest, for caring for ourselves because it doesn’t come pre-packaged in the hustle and bustle of life, ESPECIALLY not during these busy months. You can try a smaller version of bigger ticket items now, since brands have come out with their Holiday Bundles. Add powerhouse products into the mix to really give your routine a punch. Like this new Charlotte Tilbury’s Revitalising Mini Skin Set and the Recovery Skin Set giving you a travel-sized opportunity to test out one of the best serums their Magic Serum Crystal Elixer, you can introduce to your skin this Fall and Winter! If your skin is dry this is the serum for you! The expert solution to glowing skin, brighter-looking eyes, and 24-hour hydration. The Magic serum is infused with REPLEXIUM for younger-looking skin and Golden vitamin C for a brighter complexion. The kit also comes with Charlotte’s award-winning, dew-in-a-bottle, adorable mini-size of The Magic Cream! A moisturizer that is worthy of looking beautiful on your vanity and giving you instant and long-lasting results. You can find these and other Holiday Gift sets at Another tip is to write down in a journal how many times you want to do what ingredients and on what nights! Making a plan for your skincare routine and keeping it simple are among the tips Libier will encourage you with. You can purchase her newly designed bullet journal to keep track of your routine at