Move America Forward Is A Longtime, Non-Profit Organization That Through Tax-Deductible Donations, Packs And Delivers “Care Boxes” To Service Personnel, Actively
Serving The Military Over Seas Currently. The Boxes Include A Huge Array Of “Creature Comfort” Items (Soap, Deodorant, Coffee, Cookies, Candies, Socks, Snacks, And So Much More, Including A Hand-Written Note From The Person Who Specifically Donated For The Service Person By Name, Or Given Out To Any Of The Service People Who Have Not Yet Received At Least One (1) Box During Their Deployment.) The Most Prized Possession Within Each Box Is The Note They Receive From Home Telling Them How Much Their Service Means To Our Us, The Country, Their Hometown, Our Freedoms, Rights, Etc. These Boxes Lift Moral And Are Often Shared Among Friends, Especially For Those Who May Have Not Received Their Own Box Yet. People Can Enter Names Of Service People They Want To Receive A “Care Box.” One Can Make Just A Straight Dollar Donation, Or Request To Donate X Number Of Dollars To Cover The Cost To Ship Each Filled Box. I.E. $100 Donation Would Send Four (4) Boxes. The Higher The Donation, The More Boxes That Can Be Shipped. These Are Especially Important Around The Holidays, For Some Semblance Of ‘Home’ For The Holidays. Of Course, They Love Receiving The Boxes Anytime Of The Year! Plus, The Boxes Go To All Divisions Of The Military.