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Kelly MacNeal from Everything Branding joins us to discuss innovative products and some great discount codes too!

Honeydew Sleep

Tired of waking up with neck or shoulder pain caused by scrunched up pillows? Get support to fit your sleep needs with that Scrumptious Side Sleeper Pillow from the break-through Honeydew Sleep. From its customizable design to its made in America origin story, this pillow has been meticulously crafted to help you get a better night’s sleep.

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DNA Vibe

Get a handle on your daily aches and pains with DNA Vibe’s revolutionary Jazz Band – the first affordable direct to consumer device to harness intelligent light therapy for pain relief. Utilized by professional athletes and research hospitals for over 50 years, light therapy is an FDA-approved treatment that uses safe levels of red light, near infrared light, and magnetic signals for relieving muscle and joint discomfort, improving circulation, and promoting muscle relaxation.

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Hip Hook by Aletha Health

Feeling achy from sitting at a desk all day or amping up your spring fitness goals? Does it seem like no amount of stretching seems to help that annoying pain in your back, hips, or knees? Aletha Health’s Hip Hook is the world’s first tool designed to specifically release tension in the muscles that can cause those pains! Just a few minutes a day with the Hip Hook can provide long-term pain relief to the lower back, hips, tailbone, knees, and feet.

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Headache Hat

Help sooth that savage ache where and when it hurts the most with the Headache Hat Wearable Ice Pack. Designed by a migraine sufferer, the Headache Hat features a patented flexible wrap design that can be positioned in just the right spot to target your pain. Wrap it around your eyes for a cool touch on your temples, wear it like a hat while you get pressing chores done, or even wrap it around sore muscles or injuries to combat inflammation. When you feel a migraine or headache coming on, reach for that calming coolness of the Headache Hat.

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First Honey

First Honey is great to have on hand for any of the twig scrapes, dry skin, etc. that can come about from enjoying the wonderful spring weather. First Honey’s products are infused with the highest quality medical grade Manuka honey, harvested from our own bees in New Zealand, to help promote faster, better healing. Their skim cream is great for dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, and also diaper rash!

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If you’re a breastfeeding mom who will be on the go a lot this summer and looking for a simple solution, we have the product for you! When it comes to helping moms breastfeed their babies, Hygeia Health is setting a new standard of care with the launch of their ALL NEW insurance-covered, breast pump! The Hygeia Evolve is a hospital strength breast pump that’s thought of everything from its cordless design that fits in the palm of your hand to its full-service Hygeia Baby app that offers tips on breastfeeding, baby tracking, and even NO COST virtual breastfeeding consultations with lactation experts for eligible moms.

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In Good Taste

Take a grape journey around the world one cost friendly sip at a time with In Good Taste. The innovative company offers a variety of unique wines from around the globe in smaller, decorative bottles so you can explore new flavors while discovering your favorite… without needing an entire bottle to decide!

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Rockwell Pets Pro

Tired of scanning pet food bags and supplements only to find toxins and fillers? Say goodbye to chemicals and discover a brand that finally matches your health-conscious lifestyle: Rockwell Pets Pro. Rockwell Pets Pro specializes in high quality, pup-approved formulas using real, premium ingredients, and are crafted here in the USA for quality you can trust. Rockwell Pets Pro has doggie vitamins, bone broth, probiotics, shampoo, and more.

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