A 100% Plant-Based Food Adventure
The Health Food Event that features Plant-Based food with flavors from all over the World. Come enjoy everything from Hamburgers, Tacos, Tortas, Menudo, Pizza, Indian Food, African Food, Empanadas, Mediterranean Foods, South American Food, Japanese Food, Italian Food, Greek Food, Desserts, Pastries and every other part of the world food imaginable. And all good for you. Yes all Vegan. Festival also presents Guest Speakers, Cooking Demonstrations, Live Music, Dance Groups and so much more. Twice a year. Spring Festival in May and Fall Festival in October.

The Vegan festival has tons of live entertainment with live music by some of Sacramento’s best bands, DJ’s, and MC’s.

Fun for All!
Whether you are watching and learning about the cooking demos, trying out some of the samples, enjoying live entertainment, or just taking in the whole experience, you, your family and friends will love this event!