At The Salvation Army, they meet human need wherever it exists without discrimination. With your support during Big Day of Giving on May 4, they will increase their impact in the communities we serve. In Sacramento alone, The Salvation Army has dozens of programs to support those in need in our community. They have a daycare in Oak Park that allows struggling parents to find employment or balance in their life while knowing their children are in a safe place getting a quality education. They have shelters and transitional living facilities that not only get people off the streets but set them up for long term success and a sustainable living situation. They have workforce development programs that give people life skills to access steady employment. This past Christmas they provided over 25,000 toys to families in need in Sacramento alone. And of course, at The Salvation Army, food is one of their love languages. Last year in their division in Northern California and Nevada they provided over 1.2 million meals to those who otherwise would have gone hungry, and over 200,000 meals here in Sacramento alone.