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The 2022 Sacramento Snake Festival (SnakeFest) celebrates our world’s most interesting and misunderstood animals and introduces the mission and vision of Save The Snakes to the City of Sacramento and surrounding communities. SnakeFest promotes wildlife conservation, environmental stewardship and peaceful coexistence between humans and snakes.

Held on World Snake Day (July 16, 2022), SnakeFest is a free, family-friendly event that includes live snake presentations, kids activities, demonstrations, food and an exploration of the global efforts of Save The Snakes, a nonprofit organization dedicated to snake conservation. At SnakeFest, you can take a tour of the Snake Conservation Center, learn from other local nature organizations that support our community, support local snake-friendly businesses, and yes… see lots and lots of snakes!

Learn more about and support the wildlife conservation efforts of Save The Snakes by visiting: