If you’re getting ready for quality time with family and friends during the holidays, what better way to have instant fun than with some new games? Spin Master Games has got you covered with their hottest new games for guaranteed fun!

Encanto House of Charms Game

Age 5+ | 2-4 Players | MSRP: $14.99 | Available at Amazon, Walmart, Target
In this unique 3D game based on Disney’s hit “Encanto,” players work together and combine their powers to keep the Madrigal house from losing its magic. Help save the magic by placing charms in all six rooms of the house. Abuela’s candle will brighten the more rooms of the house you can secure, but will dim if the danger gets too close!
How to Win: Secure all rooms before Abuela’s candle goes out and shout “Encanto”!

Soggy Doggy

Age 4+ | 2-4 Players | MSRP: $24.99 | Available at Amazon, Target, Walmart
Soggy Doggy is the action-packed, showering, shaking, wet doggy, suspense-filled kids’ game that has sold more than 2 million copies! Race around the board and take turns giving Soggy Doggy a bath in this new & improved version of the game. But watch out—he loves to shake himself dry! Get soaked and you’re sent back to start. Requires 3 x AA batteries (not included).
How to Win: Make it to the doggy basket!