We are a winery that has been open for 20 years in Fairplay, CA. We are doing our annual “Bottle Your Own” Event. Customers get to sample 4 options. We give them empty glass bottles and they fill it up, cork it, label it, seal it, and take it home. Comes out to $11.99/bottle. Great wine for unbeatable price. We are a short 1-hour drive from Sacramento in El Dorado County. We produce over 50 different wines & ports throughout the year.

September 17/18 & 24/25
7280 Fairplay Rd, Fairplay CA 95684

No tickets necessary
I will bring all supplies to fill, cork, label and heat shrink a few bottles the host and I could make.
I think this would be a very cool visual and people can see that it is easy and a fun family friendly event where they get to work with the wine.