(KTXL) — The former school district of Tyre Nichols shared their “deepest condolences” with the Nichols family in a letter to the community on Friday.

“This is a terribly difficult time for all of us, and we want to assure you that we stand with you, and we are here to support our students, staff, and community as we process this devastating tragedy together,” Twin Rivers Unified School District Superintendent Steve Martinez and the district board of trustees wrote in their letter.

Nichols died on Jan. 10 after being beaten by Memphis Police Officers during a traffic stop three days prior.

“No parents should have to experience the loss of a child, especially in the horrific and brutal circumstances under which Tyre lost his life,” the district wrote in the letter.

With the release of the body cam and street surveillance videos of Nichols’ violent arrest on Friday, the district is asking parents and guardians to discuss with their children the thoughts and emotions they are having.

“Discussing thoughts and feelings is important in helping children work through grief and profound sadness.”

The district said that even though students may not know Nichols personally, his story being shared across the country could make it feel as if they do.

In order to support students, families and staff the district is providing counselors and psychologists during school hours for students and mental health resources with their Crisis Intervention Team.

To close out the letter, the district asked that those who are planning to march and protest Nichols’ death do so respectfully and peacefully “in accordance with the wishes of his family and community.”